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DroniView gives you an easy to use infrastructure with the ability to manage large number of assets with ease, it’s a must have solution for your drone business

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Summary of
drone data through Dashboards

Your bird's eye view of your drone arsenal, its maintenance, hours logged, the pilot flying times and availability, flight logs, weather and basically everything that you need to make important decisions and keep the operation running smoothly.


Keep a
track on your pilot’s activities

Want to know what each of your pilots is up to? See each pilot’s individual data with regards to drones flown, assigned flight time and google map plotted route maps, all arranged systematically to evaluate pilot billing hours, availability and performance.

Assign different roles
to employees in your organisation

Each employee plays a different role in an organisation, we hear you, hence we have given the option of assigning different roles with different permission levels for each role.


Connect the
dots with your team and drones

Assign drones to pilots. Keep all your paperwork related to your aircraft in one place by adding compliance certificates, Registration details, Specification documents etc. in our Drone management system.

Review, assign tasks
and set up schedules through Flight logs

Want to know what routes are the busiest in the current month? Flight logs let you assign tasks to drones, pilots along with planning and scheduling activities to aid the best use of assets and to avoid their scheduling clash.


Document the
deviation in the incident report

Safety first, Incident reporting lets you log incidents and malfunctions, check its status and analyse data to stop them from repeating to save on downtime and costs.

Assigning and forecasting
battery life cycles

Batteries are the backbone of the drone, check their charge status, charge/discharge cycle to predict replacements, battery compatibility with your cache of equipment, so that when work beckons, you are on top of the game.


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